On believing dreams will “come true//impossible not to do.”

I started my vision board:

I remember the instructions said to fill the board with what matters most, and for me, that’s love. I want to be loved. This may be a side effect of listening to Sam Smith’s “To Die For” on repeat, of scrolling through countless sickeningly sweet photos of couples picking various kinds of fall vegetation, and of the weather turning cooler. Truth be told, to be loved in a unique and singular way is the one wish I’ve wished for the hardest and the longest. The older I get, the harder it is to handle being lonely, so I started my vision board with a Google image search for “intimacy,” “romance,” “happy family,” and “full heart.” That’s definitely what matters most.

The second group of images will revolve around Ireland and the University of Limerick … because they agreed to defer my place until next year! I don’t have to reapply next month! I could realize my dream of earning my MA in Creative Writing in Limerick, Ireland! I have to be determined, tenacious, and willing to put in the work:

  • I want to rent my house out starting in February/March, so I’ll have nearly six months before I leave to experience that process and work out any kinks that pop up.
  • I need to figure out my finances. I already filled out a FAFSA and applied to two scholarships today. I’m looking at grants, and will continue to hunt down scholarships. I will also save money.

I figure that if love and marriage isn’t in the cards, then I should pursue other passions, like writing and furthering my education and career. That is going to be my third group of images: writing and being a writer. I’m halfway through the final revision of Moody Blue; I’m just waiting for my beta reader to catch up šŸ˜‰ I feel confident and talented and optimistic.

I want to look as good as I feel, so my fourth group of images will be all about being a Bohemian Babe: being fit and healthy while bravely expressing a Transcendental, eclectic, bohemian style. I’ve already started buying fundamental pieces for my wardrobe and as luck would have it, it’s a minimalist approach to fashion, which will make packing for Ireland much easier.

Taking my dreams off the board, I have to start moving and exercising and really thinking about what I shovel into my mouth. I can pin a million different pretty pictures of beautiful, slender, graceful, and elegant women to my board, but it doesn’t matter if I refuse to do the work.

So really, 2021 will be full of optimism, definitely, but it was also be filled with holding myself accountable.

I know these last few posts have been repetitive, and I apologize. Next week, I’ll have new material – I promise.

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I'm a published author - my novel HER BEAUTIFUL MONSTER was published in October of 2012 by Martin Sisters Publishing. I'm working on revising my second manuscript so it can also be published.

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