On dreams and beef and teeth.


Dreams, more often than not, are weird and bizarre.  However, that does not mean that dreams are useless.  As a matter of fact, dreams are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.  Some are more easily and more readily adaptable to contemporary fiction than others, but I suppose that depends on the skills and talents of the writer.  For example, I had a porterhouse steak, bone in, for dinner.  I do not usually eat beef with bones, so consuming the meal proved difficult  Strands of beef wedged between my teeth and I sucked at them, employed toothpicks, and brushed my teeth numerous times to remove the bothersome food particles.  When I climbed into bed that night, I realized I had missed a few strands of meat and worried about it obsessively  before eventually falling asleep.

As a result, I think – I mean, I have no background in the study of dreams, psychology, or anything of the like, I had a dream about my teeth.  In the dream, one of my back teeth in the upper row was incredibly loose.  I was investigating the issue employing the plethora of mirrors in the family bathroom.  Gingerly, I touched the bottom ridges of the tooth and when it wiggled freely at the contact, I decided to yank on the tooth, just extract it from my mouth and be done with it.  Gripping the tooth firmly between my thumb and forefinger, I pulled with as much strength as I could muster.  Not only did I remove what might have been a bicuspid – maybe it was a canine? – but I also removed the whole inner half of my face, all the muscle, tissue and veins and oddly enough, it greatly resembled the porterhouse steak I had endeavored to eat for dinner.  Horrified, and clutching my recently removed innards in my hand, I rushed to my mother, begging for compassion and to be consoled.  All she said, in all her motherly wisdom, was, “Ain’t that something?”


Everyone, or a vast majority of everyone, makes a resolution come the new year.  My resolution, which is entirely unoriginal, is to lose 40 pounds and to have my teeth fixed, both of which I have already discussed in this blog.  To this list, I would also like to add being interviewed on the radio at least five times in order to promote my novel.  The easiest of those three aspirations is losing weight, as I have done it before and only need to rely on myself (which can be dangerous).  Correcting the issues with my teeth will technically be easy as well, but one must consider the timing conflict (ideal appoint times are usually during school hours) and the pain that is likely to ensue.  It will all be worth it, I’m sure, and both will be beneficial to the promotion of the novel.  In selling my novel, I am essentially selling myself, and I am offering the best me there is, both physically and mentally and emotionally and intellectually, then I believe I will encounter “no” far less often.


But I digress; the reason why I mentioned the resolutions is because I firmly intend to keep you updated on my progress.  Also, I read an article in the L.A. Times that describes 52 ways to blast your blubber; a different activity for every week of the year.  I will share these with you as well, in hopes that some of you will accompany on this journey and discuss your progress with me, as well as what proved most difficult.


Stay gold.  And keep dreaming, even if it breaks your heart.